James is an Army Veteran of 14 years. After leaving the Army in 2016 he moved to Israel where he joined his first CrossFit box. James did not find enjoyment in fitness until he found CrossFit. While traveling around Europe for 5 years he did drop-ins at as many boxes as possible. He was a member at CrossFit Undisputed in Stuttgart, Germany for over a year when he discovered coaching would be his next path.

James believes in a positive box attitude with a high level of camaraderie among athletes. Working out together while achieving personal goals does not have to result in injury. With that being said, he does enjoy the sight of a sweat angel that appears on the ground after an athlete gives it their all during a workout. His favorite gymnastic movement is the handstand push-up. It’s fun to be upside down during a workout.

James considers himself a lucky guy to be married to Liana, who is also a CrossFit 234 member. They have two dogs – Sunny and Gunner. James is a Cyber Risk and Security Manager and is also a current student at American Military University. He strives to develop himself as a coach and keeps up with continuing education through CrossFit training courses.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
Coaching Fundamentals Certificate
Dumbbells Certificate
Judges Course Certificate
Lesson Planning Certificate
Programming Certificate
Running Certificate
Scaling Certificate
Teaching Movement Certificate
CrossFit Nutrition 1
CPR and First Aid