Athletics and fitness have always played a huge role in Coach Alicia’s life. From the time she was 5 she always enjoyed pushing herself and competing. While she tried many sports over the years, her real love has been swimming, which she continues to compete in today. Though she had a few setbacks (2 shoulder surgeries) over the years while training for the Olympic Trials, those breaks allowed her to keep a fresh drive which led her to swim for the University of South Carolina and the University of North Carolina-Wilmington as well as achieve USMS National Champion accolades. The ups and downs of her swimming career have solidified a focus on the “extra” work needed to achieve athletic goals, such as nutrition, mobility work, and strength work.

After completing her final collegiate season, Alicia wanted to take some time and explore other realms of fitness that would still give her the competitive outlet she loved with swimming but also offer a fun and social atmosphere. She found all of that and more with CrossFit!

In 2021, Alicia returned to the Woodbridge area to be with family during the pandemic and dropped in at CF234. CF234 became her consistent “happy place” to escape and have a great time with a warm and welcoming community. She enjoyed her time at the gym so much, she was itching to find a way to be there more often and decided to become a coach. Her favorite days at the gym are the days that have either rowing, deadlifts, or power cleans programmed. She strongly believes in making each athlete’s experience productive and enjoyable when they walk through the doors.

Outside of the gym, Coach Alicia is a marine biologist/international policy analyst where she enjoys working on building international partnerships to better our world oceans. She also enjoys running through DC, exploring Virginia wine country, and spending time with her pup, Bailey, who you may see pop into the gym on occasion!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)