Charles is 59 years old. Throughout his life, he has gone from one workout concept to another, usually relying on a friend as a motivator to go workout. Then came the family and work and life took over. Throughout his years, Charles has struggled with degenerative discs in his lower back. Moving from one medication to another, each promising to take the pain away. At age 51, he experienced Gabapentin, a drug that finally blocked the pain of the sciatic. Even though this drug all but eliminated all of his lower back pain, his concern was having to be on pain medication for the rest of his life. At 53, he decided he needed to get in shape if he was ever going to get off medications. He had heard of CrossFit but had never really known what it was or how it helps you get fit. He and his wife, Juanie, chose to sign up with a local CrossFit gym and try it out. Since the very first workout, he was hooked. He had never been challenged like that before nor had he ever worked out with other folks just like him. Trying to find an exercise regimen that one could stick with for more than 30 days. And after 2 months of CrossFit, his back pain was completely gone – no more meds! That was over 5 years ago and he is still off of the meds to date. Charles feels so positively about CrossFit that he decided to get his L1 Coaching Certificate in early 2019 so he could help, as a coach, others see the reality of a sustainable workout with all the positive aspects he has had and continues to experience. Charles’ favorite movement is the clean and his least favorite is the snatch.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
CPR and First Aid