CrossFit 234 – CrossFit

Skill Work

10:00 or so to progress towards and practice Double Unders and Triple Unders.

*If you have 100 unbroken dubs, you’ll work on Triple Unders. If you have less than 100, but greater than 50, you’ll get some coaching and then attempt to set a new PR. If you have less than 50 unbroken, we will coach the technique and practice small sets to show the technique adjustment.


Block Karen (Time)

150 Wallballs completed in 3:00 Blocks
Each block begins with the largest unbroken set of Wallballs possible. As soon as you rest (ball stops moving) begin a holding a wall sit for the rest of the 3:00 block.

Rest 1:00 between blocks until completed or time capped.

**The clock will be set to 5 rounds of 3:00 Work and 1:00 Rest**

**20:00 Time Cap**


-Couch Stretch (x3-4) each leg

-Overhead Band Stretch OR Shoulder Distraction (x3-4) each arm

-Up-dog OR Cobra Stretch (10x :10 hold)