CrossFit 234 – CrossFit


Single Arm Overhead Squat

Take 10:00 to work on SA OHS (single arm overhead squats) with a DB or KB

*keep volume of reps low, and work on maintaining proper shoulder position and squared hips to the deepest part of the squat you can manage. If you notice your torso begin to twist a lot to compensate, stop there and work on getting to that depth and returning to standing position with good form.
You are able to change the sets/reps to whatever you performed when entering your scoring.


Broomstick Mile (Time)

With a Broomstick or PVC Pipe

25 Back Squats

25 Front Squats

25 OHS

400m Run

25 Shoulder Press

25 Push Press

25 Push Jerks

400m Run

50 Hang Squat Cleans

400m Run

50 Squat Snatches

400m Run
**For the Push Jerks, you must execute a dip and drive, then re-dip to catch the stick overhead, and finally stand to lockout. For the Hang Squat Cleans, you must execute a dip and drive on every rep, as well as show a brief standing pause in the locked out front rack position. For the Squat Snatches, these are taken from mid shin every rep.


4x200m SA Farmers Carry (switch hands each trip)

*performed with a DB/KB/any similar object. This is a purposeful walk, but not a speed walk. Try to avoid setting the weight down the entire time.