CrossFit 234 – CrossFit


Strict Pull-up (5×5)

*Tailor to difficult ring rows or bent over KB/DB rows. If weight is light for sets of 5, increase reps to a challenging yet doable scheme.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

(4) 3:00 AMRAPs

200m Run Buy-In


38 Air Squats

19 Alt. DB Snatch (50#/35#)

Rest 2:00 between AMRAPs
Every AMRAP starts with a 200m run and then goes into the AMRAP of squats & snatches in the remaining time of each 3:00 block.

Score is total reps completed for all 4 AMRAPs. The run = 1 rep. The run + 1 round = 58 reps. Happy Math!


Overhead Weighted Sit-ups (4×15)

*weight starts locked out over chest when laying on floor, as you sit up, arms become extended overhead in lockout to finish the sit-up. Can use DB/KB/any weighted object