CrossFit 234 – CrossFit


Pride Partner WOD (Time)

24 Syncro Burpees

48 Syncro Alternating MedBall Tap Push-ups

50 Power Cleans (135#/95#) split evenly

50 STO spilt evenly

66 T2B split evenly

2015m Partner Run

*push-ups will simulate high five pushups, but slapping a Medball instead of each other’s hands.

*reps that are split can be be split in any manner, as long as equally split.
Reps represent the following landmark years for the improvement of civil rights for the LGBTQ community;

1924- The Society for Human Rights was an American LGBT Rights organization established in Chicago

1948- established 17 legal rights acknowledged and placed into law for the LGBTQ community

1950- One of the most prolific books was published, “The Homosexual in America: A Subjective Approach”, authored by Donald Webster Cory, hailed as one of the most important works in the history of the gay rights movement. Additionally, 17 laws protecting gay rights were changed or added during this year.

1966- members of the Mattachine Society in New York City staged a “sip-in”; a twist on the “sit-in” protests of the 1960s—in which they visited taverns, declared themselves gay, and waited to be turned away so they could sue. They were denied service at the Greenwich Village tavern Julius, resulting in much publicity and the quick reversal of the anti-gay liquor laws. Yes, there were laws against serving gays alcohol.

2015- probably the single biggest win for the LGBTQ community, prevention of gay marriage laws were abolished, allowing gay people the legal right to marry.