The micro-gym or boutique fitness facility industry has exploded over the last 15 years. Among them are some of the best avenues for group class fitness the world has seen to date. CrossFit has stormed the global market, overtaking the last record holder, Jazzercise, only in recent years as far as growth and consumer participation. Yes, Jazzercise!

The typical consumer seeking to join a gym is either brand new to their fitness journey or hasn’t been participating in a number of years leading up to their pivotal decision to get healthier and active. With the advent of Google searches comes a mass web of options to consider. For the sake of this post, I am going to focus solely on CrossFit gyms. There are more than 15,000 CrossFit affiliates worldwide. In any given region, your search will yield multiple options. So, how do you decide which gym is right for YOU?

When selecting a CrossFit gym, you need to first determine your priorities beyond simply getting more fit. Do you need certain scheduling options for classes? Do you need facilities that offer showers for preparing to go off to work after your workout? Is there a room where your kid(s) can hang out while you exercise? These features are critical for your personal checklist.

Once you’ve narrowed your search by these factors, you’ll need to drop-in and visit the facility. Just as you would review a hotel you’d stay at while traveling, you’ll want to assess things like;

-staff friendliness and availability

-cleanliness of the facility

-equipment offered, and its condition (cared for or deteriorating)

A great sign for a well-cared for gym is the condition of its restrooms! Yes, go and see if these are well kept. Why? Well, this is a keen indicator of just how committed to quality and cleanliness this gym may be.

One final step you’ll need to very clearly confirm and understand is the gym’s membership contract and any hidden clauses. This can be so deceptive and sadly unethical in too many cases. At CrossFit 234 we do not lock members into contracts. Everything is clear and upfront. All we require is 30 days’ notice to terminate your membership. If you found out or decided last minute that you must cancel, we simply cease billing on the next month. You’ll still have your full membership rights until the beginning of the next month’s billing cycle. You’ll want to check the gym’s policies for freezing your account for things like medical issues or long-term work travel, etc. CrossFit 234 offers these in clearly stated terms. It’s quite saddening to see and hear the way people are trapped into contracts for memberships they have no desire to continue utilizing in the CrossFit space. We find this to be highly unethical, unprofessional, and honestly quite pathetic for a business to do these things to their patrons.

Once you’ve checked all the above boxes, you’ll need to confirm that the trainers are both friendly, welcoming, and most importantly… qualified to provide the fitness training you’re seeking. In the realm of CrossFit there are several certifications and levels of each that a trainer may hold. There are dozens of complimentary certifications as well. Here are the primary CrossFit Trainer certification levels;

-CrossFit Level 1 (L1) Trainer

-CrossFit L2, L3, L4

Additionally, there are macro complimentary certifications to look for as follows;

-USAW (United States of America Weightlifting) L1, L2

-USAPL (Powerlifting) L1

Many gyms and trainers boast these credentials and more. But how do you know they’re truly certified? This can easily be confirmed on the corresponding websites. You can search trainers’ names on the following websites;

CrossFit Trainer Directory

USA Powerlifting Coach Directory

At CrossFit 234 we pride ourselves in our culture of kindness, cleanliness, and fun and engaging group classes. We take great pride in maintaining our entire facility in a manner that reflects our care for your health and well-being. We have 2 full-sized restrooms, as well as a full-sized shower. We also offer a private massage therapy room, utilized by one of our full-time trainers who runs their own massage therapy business. CrossFit 234 has a trainer on staff with a doctorate in occupational therapy, who works with the Fairfax County School System, as well as a subject matter expert for the adaptive athlete training program. Our trainers have verifiable credentials, commonly far beyond what’s standard or required. We require our trainers to complete an in-house apprenticeship so that they’re versed in the culture we’ve created and the methodology of delivering a fun and engaging group class for our members. We encourage you to visit us any time, expect to be greeted by not only our training staff, and management team, but also our members.

No gym is the right fit for every person, but we’re thrilled for an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and let you decide if CrossFit 234 is the place you’d like to launch or continue your fitness journey.