As your coaches strive to provide the best instruction and fun in classes through continued education and monthly team meetings, we humbly come to you with a few tips to make yours and your classmates’ experiences even better in class.


  • carefully read and ingest the day’s programmed workout

Focus on:

  • interpreting the flow of the workout
  • understanding the rep scheme/rounds/etc.
  • the suggested modifications and which you think should likely be your method for the day
  • the intended stimulus (should this feel heavy, light, high reps, high speed, etc..)


If you’re curious about a movement or modification provided, copy and paste it into a YouTube search with the word “CrossFit” at the end of the movement you’re searching. Then briefly review a couple videos for a basic idea of what’s going to be instructed. These videos in no way circumvent being properly coached by our trained staff in the details of proper mechanics, but rather give you a baseline idea of what might be happening.

Having this little preparedness in your pocket will spare you executing improper rep schemes, improper stimulus, and/or costing additional class time demand to cover information that’s been clearly provided the night beforehand, on the whiteboard and during the whiteboard briefing.