Attention Members!!! Bring a Friend Week is July 24-29!

Come sweat with us! Try us out for a free week, no previous CrossFit experience necessary!

Just 6 easy steps stand between you and an extra $75+ in your pocket!

1. Refer your friends to our social media pages and Bring a Friend Week website for all the deets
2. Have your friends complete the registration form and indicate which classes they will attend
3. Make sure your friends sign the electronic waiver in advance
4. Come WOD with your friends and show them all the fun they’ve been missing out on
5. Tell your friends to join the foundations course by August 12
6. Make sure your friends join with a monthly membership upon completion of the foundations course

For Members…

During Bring a Friend Week, you’ll have the opportunity to bring as many friends as you’d like to as many classes as you’d like…for free!

You and your friend(s) will each receive $75 when they join (yes, members will get $75 for EACH friend they refer and there is no limit on how many can be invited)!

Your friends don’t even have to come at the same time as you. As long as the form is completed and you are listed as the one who referred them, you’ll still receive any referral credits.

But wait…there’s more! The member who brings the most friends over the 6-day period will receive a prize at the end of the week. That’s right…$75 for every friend referred AND a prize for bringing the most friends!

For Friends…

Are you reading this and don’t (yet) know any of our current members, but have been following along on social media and wanting to try us out? Add your name to the sign-up form and just put “N/A” on the member line. Congrats, you just made the first step in joining our awesome community where you’ll gain tons of new friends who will quickly turn into family!

If you sign up for our foundations course before August 12, you’ll receive $75 off your first monthly membership with us. This is the perfect time to give CrossFit a try. Come join us and see how we have fun and get fit in a super encouraging environment. No need to feel nervous or intimidated, we’re here to welcome you and help you every step of the way. We are all doing the same workout and we will start together and finish together!

No previous CrossFit experience is necessary. This will be fun for everyone no matter what age (12+) or skill level. You do not need to have a fitness background or “be in shape”. Our coaches will modify movements as necessary to ensure everyone stays injury free while moving safely and getting your sweat on!

What’s Next?

You’ll be sad when Bring a Friend Week comes to an end and you’ll definitely want to keep coming back for more! The good news is this is just the beginning! All you have to do is sign up for our foundations course by August 12 to remain eligible for this deal. Once you complete the course and join with a monthly membership, that’s when you and your member friend will receive the $75 each!


Reach out to and we’ll be glad to help!

Registration is required and you must sign our electronic waiver in advance!

Follow the links below to register and sign our waiver.

The CrossFit 234 Honey Badgers can’t wait to meet you!