They Are All About YOU: SoMoved’s expert nutrition coaches provide coaching and nutrition planning that are customized to each athlete’s goals and lifestyle.  So no matter if you’re a competitor, you’re brand new to training, or a friend or family member that is looking to make some improvements, they develop plans and coach you relative to your specific needs. Their coaches are also trainers that are experts in both nutrition and training….they understand what we do in our gym!

Read stories written by SoMoved’s clients! SoMoved gets amazing results for their clients, and you can read experiences direct from some of those clients here:

SoMoved Nutrition Services For CrossFit 234 include:

  • One-on-One Nutrition Coaching (3 months program)

  • Maintenance Nutrition Coaching (3 months, follows the above)

  • Nutrition Assessments and Plans (1 time)

  • Nutrition Challenges

  • Nutrition Seminars

Visit to learn more, and contact them to sign up for services (remember to choose CrossFit 234 on their contact page when submitting an inquiry for services).