Jay Kanevsky

Jay has been CrossFitting since 2014 when his college friend said “hey bro, you’re fat, let’s start moving around together” and dragged him to the gym. His first workout ever was Fran. He had to scale the movements and it took him a little over 12 minutes to complete but he was instantly hooked! There is something to be said about suffering together and constantly pushing yourself. Fast forward to 2016, he moved from Pennsylvania to Virginia where he worked out at a gym for a year and a half before obtaining his CrossFit Level 1 and becoming a coach. Coaching comes naturally to Jay as he is an elementary school teacher. When he is not teaching kids or coaching, you can find him hanging out with his pup, Piper, gaming, sleeping, and traveling to new natural and human made wonders. His favorite benchmark workout is Randy and his favorite movement is the clean. Although Fran introduced him to CrossFit, it is safe to say she is his least favorite benchmark WOD. Jay is looking forward to forging new friendships, strengths, and helping drive everyone forward with their goals at CF234.


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids
Gymnastics Course Completion
CPR and First Aid