Melissa Degenhart

Originally from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. She grew up with a competitive background constantly involved in sports since a young age: basketball, soccer, cross country, and even dance! Melissa played collegiate basketball until a 2nd ACL injury got in her way. Coach Melissa moved to Virginia in 2013 to pursue her teaching career in Fairfax County Public Schools. Her brother Mike got her into CrossFit in 2014 which help serve her competitive edge. She competed in local CrossFit competitions (individual and team) and Olympic lifting meets. She moved into the coaching role in 2015 while starting with kids fitness and then eventually coaching adult CrossFit classes in a head coach role. She enjoys the community aspect of CrossFit. Coach Melissa is an advocate for healthy lifestyles and CrossFit has a big role in shaping this ideology. CrossFit doesn’t just provide a good workout each day but provides an area of growth as a human being to better yourself both inside and outside the gym. Coach Melissa is certified in sports nutrition through AFPA and works with clients on bettering their nutrition habits to support their fitness goals. She strives to continue learning to better her coaching to help those around her live a long healthy life. Coach Melissa’s favorite CrossFit workouts include the following girls: Diane, Karen, and Annie!

Crossfit Level 1
Crossfit Level 2
Crossfit Gymnastics
AFPA Sports Nutrition Certified
BA Elementary & Secondary Education
MA Transformative Teaching/Curriculum & Instruction